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Images of Strength and Hope

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"When the treatment ends, you rejoice, but it is also very scary. You think, What will protect me now?"

--Ellen Morgan (breast cancer, ten-year survivor)

Ellen Morgan
Ellen Morgan

"Ten years after the treatment ended I celebrated by getting stars tattooed on top of the ugly green radiation spots. The funny thing is, the tattoos put the whole experience to rest. Now I hardly remember I had cancer."

--Ellen Morgan (breast cancer, ten-year survivor)

"I love to go to the beach, because that's where I find my peace. When I see the gulls and cranes, I know there is a God."

--Evi Wallace (breast cancer)

Evi Wallace
Terry and Gerry Croteau

"Our illnesses made us even more aware that the real challenge of life is to appreciate and live the present moment as fully as possible."

--Terry Croteau (breast cancer)
--Gerry Croteau (prostate cancer)

"If somebody asks me how to keep going, I tell them to trust in God, and He will make things right."

--Hattie Wren (bladder cancer, lymphoma)

Hattie Wren




Tawny tiger flies
Racing forth, a blaze of light
Heart beyond the soul

--By Meredith Pickering, for Lucky (bone cancer)

"I believe I have been kept alive for a reason and I want to give back...My mission now is to help empower others, so they too can learn to harness their own inner skills and begin to heal."

--Margie Levine (longest known cancer-free survivor of asbestos cancer, author of Surviving Cancer, Random House, 2001)

Margie Levine

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